On Glory

Then out spake brave Horatius,    The Captain of the Gate:“To every man upon this earth    Death cometh soon or late.And how can man die better    Than facing fearful odds,For the ashes of his fathers,    And the temples of his gods, “And for the tender mother   


The Anglican Mystic

“An hour’s conversation on literature between two ardent minds with a common devotion to a neglected poet is a miraculous road to intimacy.” War in Heaven, Charles Williams In the town of Oxford, there is a small tavern called the Eagle and Child, known locally as the “Bird and Baby.”


A Modest Proposal Concerning Civic Celebrations

by Mx. S. Opress and M. T. Abyss and Associated Alts We are assured that we are, or are about to be, or are progressing towards, or will inevitably become a “Post-Christian Society.” There seems to be some disagreement about precisely how imminent this new society is, but we maintain


Clement of Alexandria: On the Passover

This is the first ever English translation of the fragments of Clement of Alexandria’s treatise On the Passover. The merits of this translation are due principally to the exertions of my Saturday morning Greek class: Ben Horvath, Dave Scherer, Jack Weisensel, Tyler Davis, Kevin Russell, and Eric Kanis. I have


Loving America

Thus says the LORD:Behold, I will restore the fortunes of the tents of Jacoband have compassion on his dwellings;the city shall be rebuilt on its mound,and the palace shall stand where it used to be. Out of them shall come songs of thanksgiving,and the voices of those who celebrate.I will

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The sky was crying today. Weeping with all her might. Then she stop-ped and blushed light pink. A sunset. Elizabeth Duncan April 26, 2022

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Is This Our Final Meeting?

Near your cross we stand, O Lord, Anxious with wonder and grief,Oh, Divine and Loving Friend, This thing strains profound belief. “It is finished”. Your dying declaration, Are words we hardly understand,Oh, Dear Jesus, could we not enjoy, One last touch of your healing hand? Blood, sadness, and death, Oh


Christ the Ideal of the Priest

One of my priest classmates on an Ordination picture he gave me penned: De laudatoribus temporis acti fiemur fautores temporis laudabilis in servitio Dei. A rather free translation would be: “Just as we esteemed a time gone by as worthy of praise, may we now become agents of praise and

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The devil came and talked to God And said that he was needing A place where he could put those souls Whose sins were far exceeding For hell was full and filling up And space was fast depleting So God, He sat and thought a while And finally decided He