Big Bill

Bill taught me that loving God is about more than reading Summas and other documents with a sterile and scrupulous heart.


The Magicians

I wish to begin this review by saying that The Magicians by Lev Grossman (2010, Penguin Books) ranks among my favourite books, so my criticism comes from the only place that truly good criticism can come from: fondness. Grossman’s work was first introduced to me by my closest friend, who


Buying Souls

Jean Valjean was like a man on the point of fainting. The Bishop drew near to him, and said in a low voice:—“Do not forget, never forget, that you have promised to use this money in becoming an honest man.”Jean Valjean, who had no recollection of ever having promised anything, remained


Farewell Mr. Smith

The high-water-mark of American civil religion was probably the 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Jimmy Stewart plays the titular Mr. Smith, appointed by a feckless governor to fill an empty Senate seat. Once in Washington, Smith is forced to confront a corrupt political machine centered, to his horror,


Saintly Insanity: The Island (2006)

God knows what he is about, Newman muses, and our part is but to cooperate with his grace, however unusual the guise in which that grace comes to us. After all as St. Paul says, “the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom” (1 Cor 1:25). This is what

Creative Corner

Baby’s Boat

There once was a boy, in a basket he lay. “There’s no baby here,” his mother would say. His mother said, “I love you, baby dear, But you are not safe here.” In the river she placed him, in his tiny boat. His sister asked, “Will he float?” The princess


On Glory

Then out spake brave Horatius,    The Captain of the Gate:“To every man upon this earth    Death cometh soon or late.And how can man die better    Than facing fearful odds,For the ashes of his fathers,    And the temples of his gods, “And for the tender mother