The New Anti-Christ

Depictions of anti-Christ abound in Christian fiction. The most famous in recent times is the “Left Behind” series, where a sinister dictator ushers in a world government through the United Nations. There is also Robert Hugh Benson’s Lord of the World, a particular favorite of Pope Francis. But their progenitor is to be found in “A Short Story of Anti-Christ” by the Russian mystic Vladimir Soloviev: a short, simple work whose echoes resound through Christian writing of the twentieth century.

Vladimir Soloviev (1853–1900)

Soloviev gave us the figure of a superman, gifted and talented far beyond all other men, able to unite them by spellbinding oratory and a compelling new vision of the good. His only flaw, if indeed it is a flaw in so remarkable an individual, is a lack of humility, an unwillingness to bow before Jesus Christ.…

My Father, John Appleby

He wasn’t a Billionaire CEO, Neuroscientist, or Diplomat – he was none of these things. He was nothing extraordinary by the world’s standards. But he was my father.

Bob and John Appleby

John Appleby grew up in the North Winton Village neighborhood of Rochester, NY, one of many kids in a typical (large) Catholic family of the time. And you could probably say he got into more trouble as a child than most – making waaay too much smoke in the thurible as an altar boy, playing inappropriate music over the PA system at Church, breaking windows with baseballs, pranking everyone he could – you get the idea.

But when his father died young, my father became the man of the house, and stepped up to lead the family.…

Where Your Treasure Is

When Lot moved with his family to live among the Canaanites at Sodom, he wanted not for reasons. The lands surrounding the city provided superior pasture. His own herds were too large to graze with those of his uncle Abram in any case. The city had strong walls, the occasional military defeat notwithstanding. What if the citizens had strange ways? Abram had been growing increasingly fanatical for some time, and a great city could not help but play host to exotic practices. In the final reckoning, he and his family had prospects, but only in the city. He wished Abram well in the wilderness.

Over the following years, Lot’s calculations were borne out. His herds burgeoned and increased, and before long he was numbered among the most prominent elders of the city.…

Post Modern, Post Moral?

“… In fact what is crucial is that in which the contending parties agree, namely that there are only two alternative modes of social life open to us, one in which the free and arbitrary choices of individuals are sovereign and one in which the bureaucracy is sovereign, precisely that it may limit the free and arbitrary choices of individuals. Given this deep cultural agreement, it is unsurprising that the politics of modern societies oscillate between a freedom which is nothing but a lack of regulation of individual behaviour and forms of collectivist control designed only to limit the anarchy of self-interest. The consequence of a victory by one side or the other are often of the highest immediate importance; but, as Solzhenitsyn has understood so well, both ways of life are intolerable in the long run.”

O Death, Where is Thy Sting?

All Hallows Eve is upon us, and recently I’ve found myself thinking about death. For Catholics, this is a time to reverently remember the faithful departed and the hope we share in our resurrection with Christ on the last day. For most Americans, this “holiday” is an excuse to dress up, often in grotesque and obscene costumes, gorge on candy, and party. In the popular imagination, it has become a time of fantasy and frivolity. It would be easy to point the finger and blame “the culture” – we Catholics are very good at that – but I don’t think we can confess complete innocence in this regard. Even though we may intentionally seek to be more reverent, I believe we share a similar mindset.…

An Editor’s Response to Gaston Nerval’s Review of Bishop Baron

Let me begin by offering my opinion that Bishop Barron’s book, Letter to a Suffering Church, has offered a service to the Church inasmuch as it attempts to assuage the concerns of a large number of people – who take the time to read and consider Bishop Barron’s remarks. In an effort to heal, he has brought forth a number of points offering some perspective on the present ecclesiastical catastrophe. Yes, such scandals have occurred before because of the frailty of men who turn from the truth to embrace evil. This is part of the fallen condition of man, but that can never excuse the sins. It is corruption, pure and simple, and it must be dealt with decisively. St. Paul admonishes believers, in no uncertain terms, to act decisively to “put to death, then, the parts of you that are earthly: immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and the greed that is idolatry” (Col 3:5 NABRE).…

“They have healed the wound of my people lightly”: A Response to Bishop Barron

While Christianity is being extirpated from some of its oldest seats around the world, American Catholics are instead forced to confront the seemingly bottomless turpitude of many bishops, exposed by the revelation of former Cardinal McCarrick’s history of sexual predation and the 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report. These have been followed by an almost uninterrupted stream of insults from the pope, most prominently in the Vatican intervention at the American bishops’ meeting last November and the continuing battle over Archbishop Viganò’s allegations.

In this climate of woundedness and well warranted mistrust, Bishop Robert Barron has published a Letter to a Suffering Church. He seeks to reassure a discouraged and disheartened American laity in the face of the scandal, describing it as “the Devil’s masterpiece” and reminding readers that the history of the Catholic Church is marred by many such scandals.…

The Modern Abuse of a Word

There is no word in the modern vocabulary so abused as the word “freedom” (with the notable exception of “literally,” the misuse of which figuratively kills me). It’s abused in pithy political sound bites: “freedom isn’t free.” It’s abused when we solicit advice: “you’re free to do as you like.” And it’s even abused within our faith: “Christ has set me free” (which is invariably followed by “so you mustn’t judge me for my sins!”) At root we have forgotten what it means to be free and so our politics, relationships, and faith have all been misconstrued under the false banner of modern freedom. So what then do we mean by freedom and what does it truly mean?

In the classical sense, human freedom is predicated on our ability to follow our teleological orientations.…

The Antithesis of Fatherhood

The mass shooting has become the signature horror of our time and place. Such events have become monstrously common, and yet we seem to understand them no better today than we did twenty years ago. An often-quoted essay in The Atlantic from 2015 examined the plague of mass shootings as a kind of “slow-motion riot”, where each subsequent horror makes its successor more likely. But this is merely to say that mass shootings become more common as mass shootings become more common: a description, not an explanation. When pondering these events, it quickly becomes clear that apart from the obviously mad (Tucson, 2011), politically motivated (Alexandria, 2017), or utterly mysterious (Las Vegas, 2017), the great majority of the perpetrators are disturbed young white men who do not know their fathers.…

The Renewal of the Christian Heart

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Matt 12:34 RSV

Picture Oz Koznowski. That’s not actually his name, but might as well be – he’s the guy who sits two pews back from you at Mass. You know him well enough to wave or nod in the parking lot, but haven’t ever had occasion to learn his name. Stop Oz in the street and ask if he believes in God and he’ll no doubt say yes. Ask how important his religion is to him and he’ll likely answer, “Very important.” But perhaps a better gauge of what’s important to Oz – or any of us, for that matter – is to start a conversation and pay attention to what comes up.…